Introducing the Solarpod 240

We love solar generators. They’re great for so many things. It’s like having a portable power station you can take with you almost anywhere. Plus, you never have to fill it up with gas. Either plug in to the grid or plug in to the sun and recharge your battery. With the built-in inverter you can use standard plugs to charge your devices. It’s great for camping, emergency situations, and when you’re just too lazy to dive behind the couch to hunt for an outlet.

Considering all the uses and benefits of solar generators you’d think they’d be everywhere. But they’re not. Some have charge times that are so long that the device is simply not practical to use. Others are so heavy that it’s a bother to take them anywhere. Of course price is always an issue, as well.

We think the Solarpod 240 solves many of these problems. It has cutting edge battery technology, not lead acid, that is both lighter and smaller. We paired it with a 60 Watt solar panel so it charges extremely fast. With it’s incredible cycle life of up to 2000 charges it provides lasting value.

Even though our battery lasts four times as long as lead acid solutions it doesn’t cost anywhere near four times as much. We think we have a wining combination and that, if you do the math, you’ll see that it’s the best solar generator available today. 

Head on over and check it out. Solarpod 240

Ken Hitchens
Ken Hitchens