Why Faster Charge Times Weigh Less

faster solar charging

We’ve paired the Solarpod 240 with a 60 Watt panel. In direct sunlight this yields charge times of under 5 hours. To put this in perspective, if you used the AC/DC adaptor it would take about 4.5 hours to charge. So it takes just a little longer to charge the Solarpod 240 with solar energy than it does to plug in to the grid.

You might have noticed other manufacturers will have a 20W or 30W panel in their solar generator kit. This means it will take 2x or 3x longer to solar charge the battery. Unless you live in the land of the midnight sun it could take you several days to recharge.

In our opinion that’s not very practical.

By charging faster with the Solarpod 240 & 60W Panel you can carry less weight and get just as much usable power as larger units. More power in less time with less weight to lug around.

Oh, yeah, it’s also a better value because the Solarpod’s better battery technology will last up to 4x as long as lead-acid based solutions.

Ken Hitchens
Ken Hitchens