You Need A Smaller Battery. Really.

 solarpod 240 solar generator

With all the power demands we have today you’ll rarely hear somebody complain about their battery being too big. But if you’re using ancient lead acid battery solutions, like AGM or SLA, then you’re lugging around 3x more bulk for the same amount of power you can get from better battery technology.

In order to get the same amount of power as the LiFePo4 battery in our Solarpod 240 you’ll need a lead acid battery that is 3x the size and 3x the weight. What do you get for carrying around all that extra dead weight? A good workout and a sore back.

With LiFePo4 you get more cycles, longer shelf life, and a smaller overall footprint. When paired with our Solarpod 60W panel you’ll also get super fast charge times. Less weight and also less wait.

But aren’t lead acid batteries cheaper? Not when you consider you need to buy four of them to equal the number of cycles you get from LiFePo4.

We didn’t design Solarpod to be the cheapest battery on the market. We designed it to be the best value. Dollar for dollar, charge by charge, you’ll be saving time and money with Solarpod. Since we’re also 1/3 the size and 1/3 the weight, you’ll also be saving your back!

Ken Hitchens
Ken Hitchens