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Leading The Charge for Consumer Cleantech

We rarely get the most out of our mobile devices because we don’t want to drain the battery. Using bluetooth speakers, wearables, enabling location services, and firing up the 4G LTE will sap the battery in no time. Heaven forbid we do all of these things at once. So we turn off all those goodies and dumb down our smart phones in the process. That is just not acceptable.

The solution is to carry around a battery pack to recharge our mobile devices. But this is one more device we need to remember to charge. What we wanted was a battery pack that could charge itself using solar power. But we didn’t want it to take all day (or several days) to do so.

That's why we created Solpro.

We're looking to make it easy and convenient to charge mobile devices with solar power. It's great for hiking, biking, and camping. It's great for emergency situations when the grid is down. (After surviving a couple hurricanes, I can attest to the need for alternative energy sources.) And it's also great for hanging out on the beach, at the café, or anytime we're outside. 

While researching the design we learned that over a Billion Watt-hours are consumed every day charging mobile devices. That's just in the US! Most of that is coming from dirty power. While not everybody can get a solar array on their roof – some of us live in apartment buildings, you know – everyone can plug-in to the sun to charge their mobile devices.

Eventually, we hope, everyone will come to expect that their USB battery banks will come with solar panels. Until then, we'll be leading the charge!

- The Founders

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