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  “90 minutes of sunlight will charge the internal battery, enough for a typical smartphone to get a full charge.”
“The power of solar energy in the consumers’ hands.”
“A pocket-sized solar charger that can grab a full day’s charge for your phone after just 90 minutes in the sun” - Jason Hiner
“The critical issue with solar charging is that it’s the surface size of the solar panels that makes the difference, […] they simply are limited in how much surface space is available to take in the sun. So, it takes a long time to charge them. SolPro addresses that with its Helios. It comes almost like in a folio, and so you simply fold out its panels to provide a much greater footprint.”
- Robert J. Elisberg
“For users who want an option to go off the grid while camping or enjoying other outdoors activities, while still keeping their gadgets charged up for activities like geocaching, birding, mountain biking, kayaking and other activities that would otherwise keep you far away from traditional power.” - Josh Smith
“What makes the Helios Smart so special is that, instead of needing hours and hours in the sun to absorb enough energy to fully charge a phone, it only needs 90 minutes.”
“At the International Consumer Electronics Show 2015 today a company called Solpro has announced what it calls the ‘industry’s fastest portable solar charging device.'”
- Adnan Farooqui
“The new Helios solar charger from Solpro that we discovered at CES 2015 lets you charge smarter and waaaay faster.” - Kristen
“This new gadget could be the everyday carry solar charger we’ve been waiting for.”
- Derek Markham
“I can certainly see this as being incredibly useful for hikers, campers, and festival goers alike.”
-  Tom Pritchard

“This could be the best way to charge your phone in history.”

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