After almost a year of development, we’re proud to introduce the Solpro Tag. It’s the world's first and only solar powered battery pack and Bluetooth tracker. It's live now on Indiegogo

We listened to our customers and they wanted a smaller, lighter battery pack that they could take anywhere. It had to look great, be easy to use, and be light as a feather.

Another problem we wanted to solve was charging. If you forget to charge your battery pack it’s of no use to you. We included one of the highest efficiency solar panels available on the market. By simply hanging the Solpro Tag on your bag you can charge anywhere. At the café, during lunch, or walking back and forth from your car. 

The future of USB technology is USB-C. While more and more devices are using USB-C we still need to be able to use all of our legacy cables. Tag’s twin USB-C charging ports are ready for tomorrow’s devices and the included USB-A adapter lets you use any of your legacy cables.

If you are going to hang a battery off your bag then you don’t want to worry about water or dust getting in there. That’s why we designed the Bumper to make it easy to hang Tag anywhere while providing port plugs that protect it from water and dust.

We also wanted to turn every bag into a smart bag without having to spend $350 or more. Get all the tracking features you want on any bag you own.

Oh, yeah, it’s also a bluetooth tracker that works with the TrackR™ app. 

We have partnered with the technology leader in Bluetooth tracking: TrackR, who are backed by Amazon Alexa Ventures and Foundry Group.

TrackR has sold over 6 million devices, offers near global coverage, and is releasing the TrackR Atlas to provide even more precise tracking capability in the home.

By the way, even when the internal battery is "dead" Tag will still have enough juice remaining to power the internal TrackR Bluetooth module for up to 1 YEAR.

We also showed the Tag to our friends at OtterBox™. With their support we developed a holster for their uniVERSE™ case system. If you have an iPhone and want a solar powered battery boost, simply attach the Holster to your case and Tag slides right in. You’ll be able to charge your iPhone and still have one free USB-C port to charge any of your other devices.

Click over to our Indiegogo campaign to learn more about Tag. We're already over 130% funded!