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Solarpod 240



YOUR HANDHELD POWER STATIONIt doesn’t matter if you’re camping out, on the boat, or needing backup power at home. Whatever your need, the Solarpod 240 is quite possibly the best portable power station you’ll find.

It has the strength to power appliances and charge major electronics, and it’s all packed in a compact 9.5 pound frame. This is total off-the-grid self-sufficiency. Take it on your next adventure and never worry about roughing it again.

Fast Facts

  • A full Solarpod 240 charge powers 7 hours of additional laptop usage.
  • A full Solarpod 240 charge powers 40 full mobile phone charges.
  • The package includes user manual, carrying case, AC/DC charger, replacement fuses, DC/DC car adapter, solar panel MC4/DC-in adapter.


Product Specs

Dimension classification: Medium
Dimensions: 10” x 7.7” x 4.3”
Weight classification: Medium
Weight: 9.5 lbs
Battery: LiFePO4
Power Capacity: 12V 20Ah / 240Wh
Lifespan: 2,000+ cycles
Input: DC 14.6V / 5A (10A Max)
Output: 400W Modified Sine Wave with one 110V or 230V electrical outlet, 12V 15A car adapter and two 5V 2A USB ports
Compatible with: Computers, Appliances, Camp Lights, Tablets, Phones, Other Devices


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Type: Solar Generator

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