Our phones have all run out of battery at the exact wrong time, but who wants to haul around a heavy battery pack? So we created Tag.

Just enough battery to keep your phone going the rest of the day. Solar panel so you can keep it charged even if you forget. A cable that allows you to hook to anything. Plus, awesome tracking with TrackR™ integration!

Ditch the brick: We listened to our customers and they wanted a smaller, lighter battery pack that they could take anywhere. It had to look great, be easy to use, and be light as a feather.

Catch some rays: Charge Tag with its built-in solar panel. You can grab almost 200mAh per hour from the sun. This means that one hour of sun charge equals approximately 10% extra battery life for most popular smartphones. Solar energy is free energy, anywhere, anytime. When your phone is hovering around 0% that energy is a lifesaver!

Find your bag, find your car, and find your phone: Tag is also a bluetooth tracker that works with the TrackR app. We have partnered with the technology leader in Bluetooth™ tracking: TrackR.

Won't weigh you down: Tag weighs less than 2 ounces and will keep your phone going the rest of the day.



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